The thyroid is a small gland located beneath the larynx, or "Adam's apple," at the front of the throat. It functions to produce certain hormones which are critical in cell metabolism. The parathyroid is located directly behind the thyroid in the neck, and regulates calcium levels throughout many systems of the body. The doctors at ESENT are trained to provide comprehensive surgical care of thyroid and parathyroid disorders, including minimally invasive parathyroidectomy.

Thyroid/Parathyroid surgery is generally performed to treat a variety of diseases:

 cancer tableHyperparathyroidism
 cancer tableHypoparathyroidism
 cancer tableHyperthyroidism
 cancer tableHypothyroidism
 cancer tableThyroid Nodules
 cancer tableThyroid Cancer


cancer tableHow to evaluate a thyroid nodule

Today several techniques exist for minimally invasive Thyroid/Parathyroid surgery (both offer the possibilty of same-day discharge):