An oral appliance is a treatment option for those with mild or moderate sleep apnea or chronic snoring. The device resembles an athletic mouth guard and is custom-fit to the patient’s mouth. It works by supporting the jaw in a forward position to ensure the airway remains open. The advantages of an oral appliance are that it is comfortable, easy to wear, convenient and simple to care for, portable and doesn’t make noise like a CPAP.

SomnoGuard is a popular brand of oral appliances used by our patients. The devices work by opening the upper airways and keeping the lower jaw and tongue in a forward position in order to reduce vibrations of the soft tissues of the throat. SomnoGuard offers both prefabricated appliances and custom-fit ones.

Prefabricated Oral Appliances

These devices are made of thermoplastic material that softens when heated in hot water and can be formed around the teeth by biting down. The advantages include:

  • Fast & easy fitting
  • Repeatable fitting
  • Can be combined with CPAP, if necessary
  • Secure fit and good retention
  • Easy maintenance & handling
  • Portable and easy to stow
  • Good performance for price

Custom-made Oral Appliances

These devices are custom-made in a dental lab according to impressions made of both the upper and lower jaw. Advantages include:

  • High comfort due to delicate design
  • More room for tongue to maneuver
  • Delicate but strong
  • Suitable for prosthetics wearers and those with tooth gaps
  • Designed for long-term use
  • Allow for lateral movements of jaw
  • Ability to mouth breathe while wearing device

The SomnoGuard AP Pro is a state-of-the-art oral appliance that is custom fit to your exact specifications. Here’s how it works:

  • A dental impression is taken in our office and sent to a laboratory.
  • The laboratory uses metal components as well as lightweight materials to build the device.
  • The upper and lower jaws are manufactured individually using a pressure molding technique, which involves alginate impressions and a plaster jaw model.
  • The device is delivered to our office for you to pick up at your convenience.

To learn more and find out if SomnoGuard is right for you, schedule a visit today. Call Eastern Shore ENT & Allergy at 410-742-1567 ext. 105 for more information or to schedule an appointment.